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F1/Mischling Offspring
I may be jinxing myself sharing these pictures, however though I would share pics of some of the babies my F1s have produced.  A tiny miracle from just 3 shrimp (2 males, 1 female), especially as I started with 10 and had bad luck with them.  I have my fingers seriously crossed for these babies, especially one in particular...  They're touchy swines been part Taiwan Bee.  Really sorry for the image quality, these babies are only just over a mm long and I took them with the phone on my camera...






Possible super red:-


Now, this is the one I am a tad excited about, looks like they've thrown an actual Taiwan bee  (these are all of the same shrimp)...





Fingers very very crossed, as Taiwan bee babies tend to have a high attrition rate.
Ok, you can see them MUCH better in this video that I made, including the shadow panda. Smile


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