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Newbie from Scotland
I used to be heavily involed in breeding Discus and had them for many many years.  But due to ill health had to scale back still have some discus tanks but these are comunual tanks now.  So i now only really have my shrimp and my cory's tanks for breeding.
i have been keeping shrimp now for about 6 -8 months now.  I started with 20 fire red shrimps to start with.  Now i have a few more. 
My tanks are all 140 litre cubes:
Fire reds
Crystal reds
Crystal blacks
Blue Bolts
Wine reds
Blue Carbon rili
Yellow Kongs
Spootted Heads
Also in my tanks are Spixi snails and Apple snails
I have used for substrate a mixture of Amazonia and Akadama plus various plants and moss and wood to decorate.  for filtration i am using Bio filters for the less stocked tanks and for the more stocked tanks are All pond soltution 1000 external filter with inlet in a bio filter.   Not some of the show tanks but i think they are nice.  I broke my camera on my phone so just now cant put photo's on.
Welcome Siral

Nice sized tanks, sounds like you're nice and established in the hobby now. Smile

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