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Red worms
I have noticed quite a lot of red flat worms in the bottom of my shrimp tanks i use different syphon hoses for each of my tanks so it is not cross contamination and i salt all my plants before tey go into my tanks.  Really does not bother how they got in just they are there.  Normally i would just use a Dual wormer to get rid of them or use a fish that would eat them. 
I read somewhere to try and use no panaria so did everything on the packed for the three days then i did water change and then didi it again, It never worked. 
Does any one have any idea what to get rid of them
Moved this in here, bug reports is for reporting glitches with the site. Wink

To answer your question, could be detritus worms. If they are, well sometimes they do just show up. Do they poke up from the substrate and wave around? If so then yeah, that's detritus worms. If however they are larger, reddish brown, and ambulate around by slithering, then they could be planaria, some of which are quite predatory (I had trouble with them myself). I've never ever used No Planaria though due to it been a touch on the carcinogenic side... Good news though, we have an article you can read on wiping out planaria (works for hydra too!) here This method has worked every single time I have used it, and never lost so much as a snail.


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