by AdeDunn at 09-17-2017, 04:41 PM
I've made a few tweaks to try to simplify the forum layout, so it's a bit easier to use.  Where I have moved a thread I have left a redirect to take you to where it is now for the next 14 days, in order to make it easier for you to still find your thread.

Hope this helps.

by AdeDunn at 05-19-2017, 06:59 PM
Q.  Why won't my external avatar work?

A.  This site uses HTTPS for the security of all of your data.  As such, to prevent mixed protocol errors any externally hosted avatars must also use a https url.  So if yours doesn't work, check that the address uses https: not http:.

Here on UK Shrimp your data is encrypted and as secure as we can make it.

Q.  How do I upload an image?

A.  At the bottom of the post form, there is an attachments section.  Click choose file, browse to your image, select, and if it's the right size it will upload.  You can then use the button to place the image inline in your post.

Q.  Forum keeps telling me my images are too big, what's going on?

A.  This forum has a max filesize limit of 500k per image/file.  This is for the benefit of those who may not have unlimited bandwidth on their internet service.  Please resize the image to 500k or under using your preferred photo editor (photoshop, photoshop elements, paintshop pro, GIMP etc), or using a service such as TinyPNG.

Q.  Will you be adding the ability to log in using my Facebook account?

A.  Afraid that this is a no.  I have experience of adding this functionality to sites from past endeavours, Facebook make you jump through hoops to get approval for a website app.  Then after you have jumped through all of their hoops, and obtained approval, you find yourself with a site packed with spammers as sadly Facebook is FULL of spammers who love nothing more than been able to get onto forums and doing the same there. :-/  Then a few months later Facebook move the goal posts and you're back to trying to get your app approved again.  :s  Don't worry though, the information you give when signing up here is as safe as we can make it, thanks to our use of https encryption on the entire forum, including registration and sign in.
by AdeDunn at 05-18-2017, 10:23 PM
Who who, who who...  Sorry, had to be done...

Well, we're UK Shrimp, the new, but actually rather old, forum for aquatic invertebrate (ie. shrimp...) lovers in the UK.  Back in the day, we were the first UK based forum of it's type, but went away for a while.

Now we're back, with a new mission.  To bring experienced hobbyists, and new hobbyists, together in an environment where they can share the hobby in a friendly manner.  Old hands helping new people, new people sharing their adventure.

So, please, do join us.
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